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i don't want an explanation or guide to chain I already know how. what I am asking is what are some easy Pokemon and a good spot on a certain route to chain on? you know like shinx and bidoof in gen 4 which are easy Pokemon to chain

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While Route 7 is a nice place to chain, I found that different types of grass are easier than others (for me anyway), so I just wanted to add a few places.

Route 5 was the easiest for me, because there's a really square patch of purple flowers, just near Camphrier Town, that's really easy to chain in. It has Skiddo, Furfrou, Abra, Pancham, Plusle/Minun, Bunnelby, Duduo and Gulpin. Skiddo and Furfrou were easiest for me to chain because they have a relatively high encounter rate and it's really easy to tell their shiny versions. Plusle is hardest in that respect, as its shiny version has barely any difference and it's got a low encounter rate.

The Pokemon Village is another good place to chain as well, as there's a large patch of yellow flowers that's kind of square. It's near the Furfrou and Espurr running around. It's got Zoroark, Ditto, Gothorita, Amoonguss, Noctowl and Jigglypuff. I found yellow flowers harder to chain in though, because I just couldn't tell right away which patch was shaking fast/ medium, like I could with purple. Note that Gothorita is hardest to chain simply because there's nearly no difference between the shiny & normal versions.

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But whenever a shiny appears, it shows a glitter sort of thing. This helped me differentiate between a normal poliwhirl and a shiny one.
Yea that's it, but I usually do something else like watch a movie/ TV while chaining, so any lapse in concentration is liable to make you miss out on a shiny. :P
thank you sooooo much for your wonderful answer!
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Route 7 is a beautiful place to chain.

If you go as far west as you can, below Connecting Cave, there is a colossal patch of grass great for chaining.

Croagunk is common in grass, and Flabebe is common in flowers. Both are relatively easy to chain, both evolve into good Pokemon, and both look good as a shiny :P

Other good places include Santalune Forest and Route 4.
Source: Chaining Before

both of u guys is answers are really good! it was really hard to chose which one!