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I have a Magnet Pull Magneton and a Static Manetric.

I want to know all routes in Pokémon Platinum that using Pokéradar, you can only find 1 Steel-type or Electric-type Pokémon. Swarm Pokémon count too. (I know Beldum having Swarm and Magnet Pull be the easiest of them all, like Voltorb too).

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Route 202 (Shinx)
Route 203 (Shinx)
Route 204 (Shinx)
Route 205 (Pachirisu, Elekid with FireRed in the GBA slot)
Route 206 (Bronzor)
Route 211 (Bronzor)
Route 218 (Voltorb, Swarm)
Route 228 (Beldum, Swarm)

Iron Island B2F, B3F (Steelix) (Mawile with FireRed in the GBA slot)
Valley Windworks (Pachirisu)

Source: Bulbapedia

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Route 203: Shinx
Route 204: Shinx
Route 205: Pachirisu
Route 206: Bronzor
Route 211: Bronzor
Route 218: Voltorb
Route 222: Magnemite/Magneton (does that count o-e)
Route 227: Skarmory
Route 228: Beldum

Hope I helped!