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I am currently on the 6th Ralts encounter in Plat using my radar and I wonder - Will saving break the chain?


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Source (and no mention of saving breaking your chain anywhere else which leads me to assume it doesn’t, and I’ve chained quite a few shinies and never had my chain broken by saving from what I can remember)

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Dang it. Should've saved when my chain reaches 12 earlier.

Does saving and then quitting resets it tho?
Closing the game breaks the chain. Also, if you get the Trainer Counter on the Pokétch (from Oak at the pal park) you can see your current chain if you have one active and how long it is and have a ranking of your hightest chains. The thing showing your chain will disappear when it is broken.
Oh...does soft-resetting break it as well?
Yes, and you can't soft reset back to a point where you were in a chain. If you lose a chain then it is gone.