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Where can you get Volcanio?

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I was looking around recently and saw that there were three new Pokemon, with Pokedex values 719, 720, and 721. I noticed that Volcanio is a Water Fire Type and I really want it. I checked in the Global Trading and these Pokemon are real and not fakes. Please comment if you know where you can find Volcanio.

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2 Answers

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OK, Volcanio is still new, and not official. It maybe a Fire/Water Pokémon, a legendary Pokémon, but still nobody knows where can we find it. Although Elite hacker Smealum from Serebii hacked the game, and showed this:

enter image description here
Sounds fake for me. I don't know.

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I lost by 26 seconds...
We know Volcanion is real, we just don't know if that picture is real or photoshopped, just to clarify.
Well, doesn't sound normal for me.
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Volcanion, Hoopa and Diancie are rumoured event legendries dicovered when some one hacked the rom of Pokémon x and y, along with new forms is [email protected] and arceus. There is no way to encounter these in the wild without a cheating device or hacking.

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