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Hey guys, i've been thinking about this dilemma for a little bit. I've been contemplating on acquiring a 3DS just to get Pokemon X or Y, I actually have no idea which to get at the moment. I own Pokemon Emerald and in generation 3 which it is from, Pokemon Emerald was pretty much the fusion of both Sapphire and Ruby.

In the latest generation, does anyone know if there will be a Pokemon Z or any other Pokemon game which will come out in the new generation which will achieve the same status as Pokemon Emerald did? or will it only be X and Y? I'm just unsure if I should go ahead with the purchase or wait in case of another game. Can someone please help me out?


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I personally expect at least another game because of Zygarde, after Xerneas and Yvetal. It could be just Z, which would be a fusion of both X and Y, (like Platinum and Emerald are for their generations) or there could be two sequels for them like with Black/White 2. I want them to do a remake for the Hoenn games before that, though. Which is probably not likely :/ .

As for getting the 3ds, as Le Scraf said, there are great title games for the 3ds, (if you want to go retro: get The Ocarina of Time) so I say definitely get it. Or, because the 3d hurts your eyes - and I never really use 3d anyway - you could get the 2ds. (It's also cheaper

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oh awesome, i didn't know there was an option to turn off 3D mode haha, thanks for that heads up. I'll definitely get the 3DS but it was more of if i should get one of the two games or wait but from what im seeing i think its a wait and see game now. Thanks for your help though
No problem :)
2DS was built for kids, because they often drop things and if they drop the 2DS it won't break and it has no 3D so kid's eyes won't get irritated.  Stick with the 3DS, just don't use the 3D feature if you don't want to.
It's either gonna be Z or X2 and Y2
I actually doubt there being X2 and Y2, because Black/White 2 were only really that way because you fuse Kyurem with either Reshiram or Zekrom. It would be stupid if they did the same thing again.
Old question, but yes, they made a hoenn remake XD
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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (remakes of Ruby/Sapphire) were released for the 3DS in Gen 6 after X/Y. Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are Gen 7 games. There is no Pokemon Z.

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This is unknown. However, there are lots of great titles for 3DS, like Kid Icarus: Uprising or A Link Between Worlds. Overall, the 3DS is very worth your buy.

Le Scraf do you play Kid Icarus: Uprising competitively? Like fusing for the right mods,stars, value, etc.? If you do then I challenge you to a 1vs1 when i get my replacement 3DS. :3
No, I've been thinking about it though. I'm pretty sure I just take the laser-beam sword thing and go all assassin on anyone I see.
Yeah, the Laser Staff is pretty cool ;D
I actually fused that into an End All arm with 5.5 Ranged and 6 Melee, I LOVE IT.
End All Arm is good as a mixed weapon, but most should just have melee or ranged stars Only :p
Sssshhhhh I like it because it has +2 Poison too and +1 Backwards Dash Charge Shot
Oh and when i said laser-beam sword thing i meant Thanatos Staff :P
Thanatos Staff is 1 of 3 staffs that actually have homing... xD
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You could wait until Pokemon Z comes out but there have been rumors of there eventually being a hoenn 3ds remake but I'm not entirely sure on that. it would be a good idea to wait until Pokemon Z because it will most likely have many more features to it than the other two games.

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The evidence would tend to suggest that there is going to be another game in Generation 6. For example, one of the theory's behind the names X and Y' is that it is the first game in 3D, and in Maths the axis that represent 3D are the X, Y and **Z** axis. Also, Xerneas and Yveltals names obviously begin with the letters X and Y, and Zygardes starts with a Z. Zygarde can be found post-game, like Rayquaza, Giratina and Kyurem before it. Finally, Zygardes Pokedex entry mentions a hidden power' when Kalos' ecosystem is disrupted. In short, I fully expect a third title called Pokémon Z, or possibly a sequel, with Zygarde being the starring legend with new stats/forme(s), with the storyline being the disruption of Kalos' ecosystem thanks to Xerneas and Yveltal (possibly battling), and Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde all being obtainable.

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Yeah, this is actually really logical. Thanks mate, only if we knew how long the wait is. If its more than two months i'd may as well buy perhaps Pokemon Y and buy the next one when it comes out i guess.