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i'd like to know, but afraid to try.


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No. It won't. You can start a new game, your old one can't be deleted unless you:

  • Gens 1-3: Save inside the new game.
  • Gens 4-5: Delete the old save file, and then save in the new game.
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Yes the old game has to be deleted first in Gen 4 and up.
In Gen 1- 3 you can save in-game to delete the old one.

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Ok when you start a new game in any games that are generations 1, 2, or 3 you can hit save and it will erase the current game.
In any generation 4 or 5 games you have to delete the current game before you can save a new one.

You cannot have more than one game at a time. It's a one card one game thing.
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Mew and MrKijani are essentially saying the same thing. Blue/Red/Yellow, Gold/Silver/Crystal, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, and Firered/Leafgreen allows you to overwrite a file without deleting it, while  Diamond/Perl/Platinum, HG/SS, Black/White require you to delete the existing file in order for a new one to start.