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If I use a berry or another item that will disapear after one use be able to be used again in competive battling or do I have to go out of the battle spot, give my Pokemon a new berry and then go in again?


Bidoof @focus sash


Move 1

Move 2

Move 3

Move 4

Opponents patrat used draco meteor.!

Bidoof hung on using its focus sash!
(Bidoof whipes out Opponents team and end the battle)

Do I now have to go to a place you can exchange BP and buy a new focus sash or will it "respawn" Cause its competive? Im to lazy to try. Sorry
for pointless queston


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The item will not disappear after battle if used competitively, so you can use that same Focus Sash in as much battles as you'd like. (:

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