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So I've been thinking and I think this wi-fi strategy is a good idea. Dusclops has one of the best defenses, especially with an evolite, so I figured I would teach him Rest, Sleep Talk, Calm Mind, and Dark pulse.
The idea is to power up your moves and then heal and keep attacking. Now I thought of a way to ramp this up even more by using Lugia and skill swapping its Multiscale. In my mind this seems like a good idea, but I've had so many failed ideas before, so will it work?

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Why don't you just test it yourself in a Wi-Fi battle? :P

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This strategy sounds very good, but you have a minor problem. Let's say your Dusclops vs Sable @Leftovers with Taunt, Will-o-Wisp, Foul Play, and Confuse Ray (This is my Sableye). Your Dusclops will be resorted to use Dark Pulse rendering your first strategy gone since I would've used Taunt. (Most likely you would've used Calm Mind) Then there's the SKill Swapping Lugia which can also be messed up if I were to use M-Kangskhan and Fake-Out Lugia. Overall I think if you wanted to Power-Up used Scolipede @Focus Sash w/ Swords Dance Protect Baton Pass, attking move on a bulky Pokemon of your choice that can take damage and compliment the hightened attack boost to hit even harder.

Hope I've Helped :)

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Scolipede is usually taunted as well
True, which is why I Double Battle. So, if I suspect a fellow Taunt user I'll Protect Scolipede the first time to know for sure who the culprit is then the next turn I'll Taunt them :) it usually works until Thundurus come along XD
Thanks guys! I'll probably throw in a counter to taunt somewhere in my team. :D
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Although it seems good in theory, any good player will see what you are up to and Calm Mind only increases Special Defense, so the opponent will just find a way to physically beat Dusclops or set up on his own without falling asleep. (Sleep talk is only 33% chance of using the move you like) and as to Lugia's Multi scale, it's going to take 3 moves and as Dusclops is slow, your opponent will get the third move to KO you first.

Hope I helped :)

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