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I'm just curious no matter how outrageous the sounds lol

Probaly not i think nintendo made sure you cant trade it but idk
Missingno is only in Gen 1, correct? You can't do Wi-Fi battles in Gen 1.
Yes only gen 1, it was created from lost data because gamefreak removed the gen 2 pokemon and didnt fix it/ get rid of it. Lets have a moment of silence for the people who lost their cartridges.

And our moment of silence is finished

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No. Missingno. only existed because, in order to make 151 slots (originally ~190), they needed to allocate exactly 256 Pokémon slots (the closest base of two that could fit enough data). Missingno. and similar glitches were placeholders for the unused 105 slots in case the game ran into a glitch and for some reason ended up accessing them. This actually means that Missingno. itself is not a glitch, since it was intentionally added to prevent crashing in unforeseen emergency situations (with only moderate success at best); the only glitch is that the player is capable of accessing it through normal play, which was not intended.

However, in the newer games, Missingno. is not the placeholder for unused slots. There is likely a "Missingno. equivalent" in the sense that there is some kind of placeholder to prevent the game from crashing, but it wouldn't be the same as Missingno.. I'm not 100% sure what would happen in you tried to enter a hacked glitch Pokémon into the game, but considering that the PokeBank hack check exists, we know that Game Freak at least has the capability to add checks into the game, and I honestly cannot think of a single reason why they wouldn't add a check to prevent something as potentially game-breaking as this (especially with the sheer number of hackers in the Pokémon community).

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It seems there are no glitch Pokemon past the last real Pokemon anymore. This does make me curious about what would happen if I tried to create a Pokemon with an unused index number.
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I like my explanations to be exhaustive :P
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Uh, no on the Wi-fi part because there was a link cable or something back then in Gen I, which I'm gonna assume you're talking about so, yea I don't own a Gameboy, so bear with me. And also, it is possible to get glitch Pokemon I believe into a link battle, because ChickasaurusGL Evie, released a video about another glitch Pokemon link battle experiment thingamajig. Here is (hopefully the right link, because I switched browsers) to the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5QkY0yFlvk