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So lately--probably for the last two weeks or so--I have had extremely little success finding opponents on Free Battle via Wi-Fi on Alpha Sapphire. When I try to connect, I am repeatedly getting the "An opposing Trainer could not be found" message, even after several attempts. Usually, I just give up and turn my game off or start Wonder Trading (never any difficulty finding anyone on there).

I play Triple Battle exclusively, which I get is not the most popular format, but I've never had this difficult of a time finding a Free Battle. Even when AS/OR were brand new, I was always able to find a battle, but these last two weeks... almost never. And I'm noticing that when I DO get a battle, it is always against someone I've battled before.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a reason for it?


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As you said, Triple Battles aren't the hottest thing anymore.

When they were first introduced in BW, they were all the rage. However, due to their complexity and extreme difficulty to master, they experienced a slow decline over the duration of Gen VI. Rotation Battles are in the same boat, only worse. The most popular battle formats are Singles and Doubles.

No, that's not it, though. Like I said, the ENTIRETY of X/Y, I never had any trouble at all finding Triple Battles. And even when AS/OR were brand new, I still found several every time I logged on. It's only come about in the last two weeks that I have been having this trouble.
Then it may be just a freak Internet glitch. However, I still hold to my theory: in other games I have played, the online community takes a sudden slide and very few people play. If you want, I can hide my answer.