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Situation: Player A has just started playing Pokemon X/Y and would like to have a battle with Player B. Player A has not gotten far enough in the game to get the Mega Ring, but has a Charizard with its Mega Stone. If they have a Wi-Fi battle together, will Player A be able to Mega Evolve his/her Charizard?


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Logically I doubt this.

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Simple answer.


Logically, a Mega Ring is needed to mega evolve a Pokemon. Even if it has the stone, it won't Mega Evolve so Player A's Charizard would be unable to Mega evolve.
Source: Experience.
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Logically, this thing should have at least two comments by now.
Logically, nobody cares.
Logically, logic is logic.
What do you mean? My friend just got X and Y so when he evolved Bulbusaur into Venusaur I tested with him. If it's not the answer your looking for, just tell me and I'll hide.
I was just wondering if you had tested it.  Thanks!