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I see SO many Fairy-type movesets with Moonblast. 95 BP. Ok, I get it. But why not Play Rough? 90 BP, still not that bad, right? BTW, what Fairy-type Pokemon are better of with Play Rough than Moonblast, if there are any.


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You see Moonblast more because the majority of Fairies have better Special Attack then Physical Attack. Play Rough is still perfectly viable on physical based Fairy types such as Azumarill.

So for a list that are better with play rough (fully evolved only).

  • Azumarill
  • Granbull
  • Mawile

So, to clarify, Moonblast if a Special based attacker, and Play Rough if a Physical based attacker.

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Azumarill is amazing with Play Rough. Maybe too amazing.
Yeah I see.
Yveltal's main move and best is Oblivion Wing but Xerneas main move is Geomancy and it is an EPIC booster move. However Xerneas' best move , in my opinion, is moonblast.