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How do I teach skrelp play rough I know egg move but with what poke

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what's the point of the second question? there are already Victreebell and Keldeo moveset questions.

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  1. Get a MALE Marill/Azumarill that knows play rough (learns at level 45 and 50 respectively.
  2. Deposit the Azumarill/Marill with a FEMALE skrelp/Dragalge.
  3. The egg will be a skrelp knowing play rough.

Btw play rough sux on dragalage
Hope I helped. :)

Source: browsing through the DB

Females pass egg moves in gen 6
If Azumarill/Marill is female the EGG would b azurill :P not skrelp
oh yeah :P. but if you wanted another egg move in addition to Play Rough you could just use the same Skrelp (the one that got Play Rough).
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If you want Play Rough on Skrelp get a Marill (learns Play Rough at level 45) or Azumarill (learns Play Rough at level 50) with Play Rough and breed them with a Skrelp/Dragagle.

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