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I putt a pokemon lv 1 in the daycare so it would breed
it has a lot of cool moves that im afraid theywil delete what do I do ?

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Level that pokemon upto the point where it can't learn any move,or you can level it up to a point where it will take a long time to level up in the daycare.

That might not work completely sense charizard4ever is putting it in the daycare TO level it up. If you level it up the other way that will wast money if you level it up very high anyway.
I used shxes advice I got it to a point when it cant lern any more moves
He put it in the daycare TO breed it not level it up
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If you do that it may have a 50 50 chance of deleting one of its moves. So before you do that get the same amount of HeartScales to get the moves back. However it may learn many cool new moves and you may chance your mind. Hope this helps!