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So I was wondering if I can get a Salac Berry or a Lansat Berry in X & Y. This is for some great Double strategies, as Latios and Ambipom: Ambipom flings a Salac Berry and Latios do trick, giving a Life Orb for Ambipom so that it can hit hard and Latios gets a Speed Boost, needed to outspeed some Pokémon. As for the Lansat berry, I would use it with Sniper Drapion and Scope Lens and took Lansat Berry so that the crits ratio is increased.

So, can I get them ? If so, how ?


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Salac Berry
Grepa Berry + Roseli Berry

(See other answer)

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Where do you get Roseli and Grepa berry ?
And there are ultimately no ways to make a Lansat berry ?
Roseli- Route 14
Grepa- Aguav (R6)+ Figy (R21)
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Lansat berry is found in the battle maison at 100 wins

Really ?