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Arca here. I am building a NU team against my brother and need 3 Eviolites. And I may need 2 Leftovers. How many of them can I get in-game ? Can I use Poké-Bank to transfer Pokémons holding Eviolites and Leftovers ? Note that I should not restart the game.

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You can find an infinite amount of Leftovers by using Pickup. A Pickup Pokemon level 81-100 has a 1% chance of finding a leftovers with pickup.

Apparently, you can find an Eviolite in Shalour City.

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You can't transfer items from Gen III to Gen IV or Gen IV to Gen V, and it's already been said on the official Pokebank FAQ that it won't allow you to transfer items.
I don't think stuff like RageCandyBar or Lava Cookies are present in X&Y.
But that's really uncool from Nintendo ... Why won't they let us import our items ? This mean I can have only one Eviolite ?
Well, technically, no - you can trade with other people; there are people who will trade an eviolite for another item or a certain Pokemon. You can restart games to get another eviolite.
To be honest, unless you're making a team of 6 NFE Pokemon, you really only need 2 or 3. :O
You are reading my mind, fondant. I need 3 Eviolites: one for Roselia, one for Wartortle and one for Piloswine.
I went on Marriland forums, offered tons of common shinies that took me like 5 hours to chain fish for and traded them off for a bunch of noobs leftovers, eviolite and lucky egg... they don't know what they just gave away for those shinies :P

edit: I meant "noobs" in an endearing way, not insulting them