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I'm talking about competitive by the way. Would this strategy work for Klefki? Or is it too risky?
My Klefki holds a focus sash, so she can use more than one non-attack move before the OHKO. My current moveset:

  • Foul Play
  • Toxic
  • Thunder Wave
  • Spikes

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I've seen this moveset used before, and it isn't bad. I'm assuming you have prankster on this set.
Basically, with Swagger/Foul Play, you make them choose between trying to get off a powered-up attack or hurting themselves a lot and losing a turn, allowing you to get up more spikes and status conditions. This is even more crippling for Special attackers, who don't even get a boost they can use.

I'd say go for it. That set is pretty good in a lot of situations.

I think if you add Swagger you should get rid of Toxic. You'll be dealing a good amount of damage with Foul Play and Spikes anyway, so you won't need that. Thunder Wave is your best choice for a status move, as a paralyzed confused Pokemon only has a 37.5% chance of successfully using an attack.

Good luck!

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