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Why is it Ingrain negates Levitate and not vice versa? Like:

(I know no Pokemon can have both Ingrain and Levitate, but....)

Pokemon used Ingrain!

"Pokemon's Levitate" flashes on screen

But it failed!

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I'm not really getting it. Why would Xerneas using Ingrain affect Latias?
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What's with the flag!?!? I meant I edited the question 'cos at first i got muddled with Ingrain and Leech Seed! (Used Leech Seed too many times with my Skiddo)

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Ingrain causes the Pokemon to use the move to become rooted firmly to the ground. If said Pokemon is Flying-type, has the ability Levitate, or is under the effect of Magnet Rise/Telekinesis the Pokemon will leave the air and become rooted to the ground by the means of the roots it has sprouted.

I'm guessing you mean Latias' used "Telekinesis" in which case the move will fail because then the Pokemon would have to not only move the opponent's Pokemon off the ground, but all the roots that are deeply interwoven into the ground.

I suppose through anime-logic it could work though the Pokemon in question using the move would have to be an extraordinary Physic-type user such as Alakazam or Mewtwo.

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Ingrain let you to not escape the battle or switch and levitate is on the Pokemon itself so not.
Latias isn´t in Gen6 now Sorry.


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What do you mean "isn't in Gen. 6 now"?
Latias isn´t in Gen6 but Xerneas
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