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I am stressing on Pokemons like Beedrill, Venomoth, Dustox, magnemite (Family), Chandelure (Family)
Why don't they have levitate even if they have wings/can float?

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Because they'd be better with other abilities. You also forgot Glalie.
Every Pokemon cannot have a suitable ability.
It's the same reason why Absol doesn't get forewarn and Regirock doesn't get something that heals during sandstorm.
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Because there are so many Pokemon not touching the ground that ground type moves would be  nearly useless.

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Some of the Pokémon are better suited for other abilities. If EVERY Pokémon that had wings had the ability levitate, then the game would become just plain dumb in some regard. Hope I helped

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In regards to Pokemon abilities it would seem legit enough to put leviate on a beedrill but since its abilities are different we have to use whats available..

Beedril + Mega
Swarm (normal)
Hidden ability - Sniper
Mega - Adamptability only 1x

Since its abilities are already marked out it is sensible for game develpoers to give all Pokemon stat differables.

Also as a note to add Pokemon is always DEVELOPING as seen in gen 1 onwards apparently theres always been hickups in the series such as for example

Onstead of dragonair evolving into dragonite it was gonna be gyrados but instead they went with dragonite..

Many other examples found on youtube such as

Pokemon 10top facts.

Hope I helped but in honesty the person whom asked the question really does have a legit question but because its so simple its being regarded as obselete.