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Meaning, will a Gengar transferred from Alpha Sapphire still have Levitate as its ability in Moon? If so, what ability would the offspring of said Gengar have?

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No, Gengar with Levitate will have Cursed Body when transferred to Gen 7+. Gengar's only active ability slot has been changed internally to Cursed Body, and there is simply no way around that. You cannot change it with an Ability Capsule or Ability Patch either.

This is consistent with how Chandelure's and Scolipede's ability changes were handled between Gen 5 and Gen 6. Their old HAs (Shadow Tag and Quick Feet respectively) are changed to Infiltrator and Speed Boost upon transfer to Gen 6.

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I didn't know about the Scolipede thing.
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Aside from Evolution, there are two ways for Pokémon to change Abilities in a permanent manner. One way is if the Pokémon has different forms with different Abilities. The other way is through the Ability Capsule, which was introduced in Generation VI. The Ability Capsule actually changes a Pokémon's non-Hidden Ability slot.

So if you transfer the Gengar directly from AS, it should still have levitate. However, any Haunter in M should get cursed body when it evolves.

guys..... i transferred my gengar from Y, it had levitate and a great moveset. guess what happened? LEVITATE WAS REPLACED WITH CURSED BODY!!!!!!! AUG this is literally the worst pokemon based thing that has ever happened to me! i couldn't even change it's ability with the ability capsule. *sob* R.I.P. my gengar, Ba (Egyptian for soul)