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I think you need to breed it, but what Pokemon do I breed it with?

just use a Floatzel, route 16 i believe

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you can breed it with a tirtouga, carasscota, golduck, dewgong, seek, buizel, floatzel, kabuto kabutos and alomonala that knows aqua jet.

source: azumarill

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In all seriousness, I think the breeding mechanics for move passing would remain relatively the same between  gen 5 and gen 6
I'm clearing the flags. It's safe to assume that Azumarill still gets the move from breeding, and it's still hard to know at this point in time. The games've only been here from just under a month, and the 3DS hardware is a challenge to hack.
No i tested!
Unfortunately, i can't find anything over the internet which backs your claims.
Who´s claims?
That it doesn't get the move from breeding anymore
Oh look Serebii says it does.
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Actually, I'd like to clarify that Azumarill will only learn Aqua Jet via Egg Moves.

How to do this? Simple. Breed a:

Male Pokemon that knows Aqua Jet and is either on this list or this list (the latter doesn't have many Aqua Jet-knowing Pokemon),
and a
Female Azumarill or Marill that is NOT holding the Sea Incense.

If you do this, the resulting Pokemon will be a Marill, Lv. 1 with the move Aqua Jet in it's moveset.

Hope I helped. :)

Did I get the votes because my answer was clearer?
Either way, thanks voters. xD
Good, clearer answer. But unfortunately dr_dude_of_bananas provided me with the help I needed to receive my adamant Marill with aqua jet before you answered. He also listed all the Pokemon compatible straight off the bat. So sorry, your answer is not at all bad, but the banana dude helped me achieve my goal before you even answered, so I decided that his answer was the best.
Pfff... I just answered because everyone was hating on the answer - I just thought the logical thing to do was to answer. xD Thanks for considering, I guess. xD
haha, banana dude XD