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...And can you evolve a female Kirlia into Gallade?

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To get dawn stone, go to route 3, Surf at the pond. The Pokeball containing the dawn stone should be there! Goodluck finding it!
You can´t evolve a female Kirlia to gallade.

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The only way to get Gallade is to get a MALE Ralts.
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You can get a Dawn Stone in xy at Route 3 (need surf to get to the western coast of the lake), Route 18 (Given to you by Psychic Inver) And also by winning the Secret Super Training (Those Long Shots Are No Long Shots!)
And No.. You can't evolve a Female Kirlia into Gallade, You can evolve evolve Male Kirlia into Gallade.. Females evolve into Gardevoir.

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