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Need it for my Nidorino

i need one for a skitty

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There are various places you can find one.

  • Reflection Cave
  • Terminus Cave
  • Won in "Drag Down Hydreigon!" Secret Super Training
  • Route 18 (After defeating Psychic Inver)
  • Held by wild Lunatone


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Link is broken for me.
That's a little odd; it's working for me. What device are you using?
where in reflection/terminus cave?
In Reflection Cave, it's on the top floor on a little hill just south of a Battle Girl; in Terminus Cave, if you take the entrance below the stairs on Route 18, there should be a hidden one on that floor at the end of the narrow path on the northeast (top right corner) side of that section, which Rock Smash is required to access. Links: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Reflection_Cave