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Ok so here's how this goes down. Get a Noivern that knows Boomburst and a Gardevoir with Skill Swap. In a double or triple battle, have the Gardevoir mega evolve and then use Skill Swap on Noivern's ability will become Pixilite. On the same turn, have Noivern use Boomburst. It will become a Fairy-type move, blah blah blah. Oh, this just came to my mind. In a triple battle, do the exact same thing, except have a Greninja on your team with Mat Block to Protect you. Then, you can Protect Noivern but still be able to use Skill Swap on it. :D cool idea?

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Also, you'll either have to have Gardevoir use Skill Swap first somehow, or do the Greninja thing and maybe you can have Noivern use a status move. (Tailwind?)
Oh and I just found out, Sylveon can learn Skill Swap :D
So I'll probably use a Sylveon instead.

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No. That won't work, because Noivern is faster than Gardevoir and her Mega-evolution, and Skill Swap has no increased priority. Boomburst will still be Normal type on the first turn.

I'm not even sure Gardevoir will Skill Swap Pixelate, considering that on the turn you mega evolve, your Pokemon will still have the stats and I think ability of its normal form.

This takes way too many moves for it to happen, and Noivern doesn't even get the benefit of STAB from Pixelate. Fairy is x2 against Dragon, Fighting & Dark, and 2 of those Noivern already covers with its STAB. What would be the point?

As for Mat Block, it also has no increased priority, so something can still go before Greninja and use a move against Noivern/ Greninja.

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