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I'm building a sandstorm team so far I have heliolisk skarmory aegislash bisharp and 1 more including the ones above help would be appreciated

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archeops or gliscor for other pokemon besides mega

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I'd go for Garchomp, his new ability "Sand Force" boost Rock, Ground and Steel moves during a sandstorm. If you give him/her a Stone/Ground/Steel plate the attacks will kill everything! Exept those with Sturdy. ._. Anyway, go with Mega Garchomp as his ability combined with a plate I mentioned = Super Mega Evolutioned Garchomp or SMG ;).

Good Luck!

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Who would be a great fill in for the last part?
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If you need a wall or tank that can take the maximum amount of hits dealing large damage but going last choose aggron with moveset of:
-Rock slide
-Iron Head
-Sandstorm/Toxic (If you have another Pokemon who whops up the sandstorm choose toxic)

If you need a fairly speedy sweeper then choose Garchomp with Moveset:
-Dragon Claw
-Shadow Claw
-Aerial Ace

I would go with garchomp because he doesn't have a weakness to fighting unlike all your other Pokemon except skarmory.

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...don't u think I would be smart enough to cover that
sorry, do almost all yor pokemon know aerial ace then