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I'm thinking of using Overheat, then Volt Switch, but Flamethrower makes Thunderbolt not -2 Sp. Atk, therefore, can sweep. Which move is better? Please answer.

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Both are good.
MEga Manectric's tier, UU, where most common grass types are Mega Sceptile, Celebi. They can be easily countered by HP Ice. But Overheat hits many Pokemon hard. It gives you coverage to Mega Beedrill, Breloom, Metagross etc. But flamethrower doesn't lower Manectric's attack. And it doesn't hit much hard. Overheat+Volt Switch is so common Manectric. If you want a fast sweeper in your team then you should use overheat. Because it's power is 130. Also you can easily slow down their physical sweeper using Overheat+Volt Switch combo+Intimidate.
I always use Overheat on Mega-Manectric.
136 (Manectric's base SpA)×-2 attack(0.66)=89.76
If it's nature is Modest =about 98.736

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Lets start the pros and cons.


  • can burn opponents
  • doesn't lower your special attack.
  • doesnt deal as much as overheat


  • high power
  • even though it lowers special attack, when you switch with volt switch it will get rid of stat changes
  • lowers special attack so volt switch may not OHKO
  • may OHKO letting the opponent switch into a ground type preventing a volt switch

Overall I think flamethrower due to it having less cons but overheat can still work
hope I helped!

doesnt deal as much as overheat
This is a pros?!
oh that should have been con
overheat can also miss but its too late :/