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so i've heard that the more you tip the more chances you have to encounter shiny Pokemon and got curious and wondered if it was actually true

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No it's not true.
I've tipped everyone thousands of dollars and I have yet to see a shiny for one thing.

Where did you hear that?

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Jwittz and some post in marriland say it got curious :/
it's a rather common rumour. I haven't caught a Shiny yet, either, but still tip everyone just in case.
Common does not mean true :P
Everyone (almost everyone, I'm exaggerating again) thought Aegislash would be Ubers... guess what, he's not :3

Still as Melo said, Tipping is a good thing to do kids!
Aigeslash is cool

got a germon one
I tipped and found a shiny, caught a shiny, traded the shiny for a Japenese growlithe, bred the growlithe, and got a shiny growlithe so...