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People have been telling me that if you tip people every time you can get a shiny Pokemon.Is this true?

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There is no secure answer as this cannot be proved easily, but I think that it may be true as multiple sources of the internet say so. I don't have any idea why this would happen though.
Tipping = Shiny?

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I tip people all the time and I never get shinies. But I'm terrible at getting shinies, I've only ever found a Shiny Bidoof and a Shiny Zubat my whole Pokemon life. :P
I only found a st00pid shiny Patrat qq
I've never found a shiny lol
I've been playing for 6 years though. It's different for me. DIFF ;~;
I've played through Ruby dozens of times, LeafGreen half a dozen times at least, HeartGold 3 or 4 times, Pearl once, Black twice, W2 once, X and Y once each, and have NEVER gotten a Shiny.
Ha, you people are really unlucky. For 7 years I found 8 shinies >:D

Oddish-->Bellossom (Sapphire)
Zigzagoon-->Linoone (Sapphire)
Boldore-->Gigalith (W1)
Magikarp --> Gyarados (Pt)
Another Gyarados (HG)
Zubat-->Golbat-->Crobat (Sapphire)
Shelmet-->Accelgor (W1)
Ferroseed-->Ferrothorn (Not mine originally. B1)
Minccino-->Cinccino (W2)

Also found a Vulpix that Roared at me in Sapphire
@Indigo I have been playing for 5 years and have played DP about 17 times, White about 20 times, White 2 about 14 times and Y about 6 times. And NEVER has a shiny appeared.