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I traded with a friend of mine, who bought a japanese copy of black 2, he gave me a Japanese male Audino and I placed it in the Day Care with a female Vulpix I caught. Its been over a month now and nothing has happened, is a shiny Vulpix not in Black 2 or did I do something wrong?

Audino is in the fairy egg group, vulpix is in the field egg group, they cannot breed

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Your problem is that your two Pokémon arent compatible for breeding, so you would need to get a new Pokémon as the male. To prevent this problem in the future, always check your egg groups before breeding or obtain a ditto.

Audino is in the fairy egg group and Vulpix is in field. To breed, you'll need a male from the field egg group. There are 202 Pokémon you can use, 201 if you dont count vulpix and 200 if you dont count ninetails.
Since the list is long, you can view all of them [here][1] instead.

However, serphimon's answer is also correct in saying that it is completely possible to not get a shiny for a long time. If they aren't breeding at all, that would be a different problem. Either theyre both the same gender or they are of incompatible egg groups.
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/egg-groups/field

oh, actually i was gonna look into that but i forgot to. very well then! +1
Thnx that really helped
Could I  place a fairy in the Day Care instead of the Vulpix?
If you replace the vulpix with a female Pokémon in the fairy egg group (remember, fairy EGG GROUP, not TYPE), then you would produce eggs of the new Pokémon. But yes, it would work if all you want is a shiny
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Shiny Vulpix is certainly in Black 2

Just because you use the Masuda Method, doesn't mean you'll get a shiny. It only makes the chance of hatching one better.

There's still a big chance you won't get the shiny Pokemon, being 1/1365.It takes a lot of time to get a shiny Pokemon in Masuda Method, even though it's easier and not nearly as rare as getting a regular shiny Pokemon. Just keep trying, you'll get it eventually.

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Here's a good example: I hatched a shiny Skiddo using the Masuda Method. However,it took 1,015 eggs. Even when using the Masuda Method, it can take a long while for a shiny to appear
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Notice how he says "nothing is happening"? His problem isn't that he isn't hatching a Shiny, it's that his Pokemon aren't breeding. Audino is in Fairy, Vulpix is in Field. They aren't compatible in the first place.
yeah, i didn't think about that until after i answered the question. i only assumedsince it was a masuda method question (cuz egg would be created no matter what, and he only mentioned shiny egg so i'm assuming he thought that the 1/1365 chance was to get an egg, not a SHINY egg.
anyway, I meant to come back to it later but I spent like 3 hours arguing/laughing with other users in chat.