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Hey, so as I asked in the title, I am planning to buy a Japanese version of Pokemon black to trade Pokemon to my white 2 version for masuda method. I have an American 3ds and New 3ds. Will Pokemon caught in the game and transferred to an american game still be Japanese? Also, if I put the language in the game to English, will the Pokemon still be Japanese? Thanks in advance! :)


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Language selection wasn't an option until XY, so you can only play a Japanese copy of Black in Japanese. The Pokémon will still be Japanese though, as language is determined by the cart region and not the system region (in XY onward it's determined by the language you're playing in, so you'd still have to play in a foreign language to get foreign Pokémon for the Masuda method regardless).

you are an absolute legend thanks bro.

playing a game in a foreign language is a small price to pay for shinies
also, I see the games on ebay saying that they wont work on US 3ds. Is this true for all of them? Thanks