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I know quite a lot of people don't approve of Pokemon Generators, but I only use these Pokemon for the Battle Maison. When online, I play fairly, promise.

I was just curious about this though. I have noticed that when I try to transfer these auto-generated Pokemon, some of them will get through and other won't. My shiny Lucario, Gallade and Kyogre got through Pokebank into X, but my other ones, such as Celebi, Arcues, Luxray and Pikachu won't. Anyone know why? I just think it is a bit weird... many thanks!


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Ok I figured out your problem here:

  1. Event Pokemon such as Arceus and Celebi have a hard time going through.
  2. Make sure none of your pokes have their Hidden ability because that's a key in making them transport through
  3. Gen IV moves and below only. Gen V moves make the Pokemon faulty for some reason and unable to pass through the check
  4. For Pokemon such as Pikachu set them to an egg received from the Day-Care couple. This will also allow you to get Gen V Pokemon through but unable to be traded or battle online with.
  5. Make sure your events are Fateful encounter set and legit in every way.

Ok I know this isn't a problem but a guide to help you get your Pokemon through. Though hope it does solve some of your issues.

My source is here: http://pokebuilder.yuku.com/directory

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Thank you very much!
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PokeBank has a hack detector.

If any of your Pokemon are illegitimate in any way, it will not be able to get through PokeBank's hack detector. This hack checker is rather strong as well, so if your Pokemon are the tiniest bit illegitimate, it'll know. Sorry. :(

And PokeBuilder and hacking and all that isn't really looked down upon, so don't worry. xD

Hope I helped. :)
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Much appreciated, thanks!