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Hello, fellow Pokemon Trainers!

I'm not entirely sure if this has been asked before, but I'm going to ask it anyways, since I've prayed to Papa and have been trying to find an answer for this... but it seems no one I know, or the internet, seems to know. (Note: "What happens when I delete 1.2 update for Pokemon X and Y?" I have checked, it's not the same problem I'm getting.)

I want to start a Wonderlocke in Pokemon X-- the only problem was that I needed to download Version 1.1 and 1.2. I did that. I went into the eShop, downloaded the first version, I'm pretty sure, and then I went into my game to check it. Version 1.1 is there. But then I had to download version 1.2. So I went back into the eShop, and downloaded it. Except now, it's not being read as Version 1.2. It's still version 1.1.

I think I've downloaded version 1.2 about three times by the time I've posted this, and I was wondering, has anyone else experienced this problem, and has an answer to it?

I'm thinking I'd have to delete an update, or maybe the manual would say something, but so far, I'm still left with only the small amount of manual information.

I want to thank you all in advance for giving me answers and for taking time to read this. I really appreciate it. I feel really bad that I tried restarting my game and lost the... 7 Pokemon that I had (yes, even 7 Pokemon mean a lot to me), but I know they're in heaven and there's no need to worry.
But again, thank you all so much.

EDIT: I might consider looking it up on the Nintendo Support, but I wanted to ask you all first.

I have taken time to read this, but I don't really know what has happened here. All I would say is you probably shouldn't have downloaded it more than once; this will probably do more damage.

Also you probably shouldn't have restarted your game.

And you probably should have put those 7 pokemon on pokemon bank so you can get them on your new game.

Sorry if this made it worse, but now you know for future reference what to do in this situation.
Oh no, it's fine. I only downloaded it more than once since, well, it said it needed the update. And I tried, but Pokemon Bank didn't really let me. Pokemon Bank didn't seem to work this morning for me, but I thought it was just the game doing that. Oh well. Thank you, NOBY 112, anyways!

I think I'm going to uninstall the updates, BUT FIRST let's just go and see if Nintendo has anything to say about it....

EDIT: At least Pokemon Y's working alright. xD
What do you mean it's not being read as Version 1.2?
By that, I mean it's being booted up, and then it still says version 1.1. It isn't an error showing it, either, because I still can't connect to the internet.
"EDIT: I might consider looking it up on the Nintendo Support, but I wanted to ask you all first."
There is no way that we would know, and I highly doubt that they would either.

The only possible thing is that you didn't download the right thing., the download was cancelled each time you tried, or your eshop application may be bugged. Try downloading some other software and see if it works.
Alright, I will sometime, when I have the money and time to.
But thanks! And I know Nintendo Support wouldn't really have an answer to it, but meh, might as well try.
Thanks again, everyone.

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Im not sure if the egg glitch was fixed in 1.1 try checking ur boxes for random eggs in game if they wernt patched in 1.1 but I know that it was patched in the 1.2 patch

I saw a vid on the egg glitch I think there x and y's bad eggs but I pokedited a ligit Pokemon into x and y and it worked I didn't get a bad egg and it worked without getting a bad egg so I think it
is just a glitch or your eshop is bugged as Gligurr said but other than that
I would contact Nintendo about it

  hope I helped! N~
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