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I always like reading the strategy guides to learn more about games and such. I won't be able to afford one for X & Y so I want to read an online version. Anyone know where that online version is?


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I know, its nice to read about a game before you get it. You could always try Bulbapedia, they know a lot on Pokémon. Alternately when you get the game pokémon X or Y then when you start up your 3Ds there will be an option that says manual. That tells you ALL about the game.

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Walkthroughs will also be on YouTube. Gotta watch 'em Gotta watch 'em all! X and Y!!! :3
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Reiterating what Cobragon suggested, the manual is a good option. But it doesn't communicate much about the game itself - more like he controls of how to work the game and the mechanics.

If you want to know the actual storyline of the game, you could search up and look through one of the many Pokemon X and Y walkthroughs on the internet.

Since X and Y was released very recently, a brief storyline of the game isn't available on Bulbapedia, unlike all the other games that has one that Bulbapedia provided. Sooner or later, one will be available, but for the time being I'd just sit with the walkthroughs. Plus, if you encounter a good walkthrough, you can encounter some items that you wouldn't bother looking for normally.

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