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So I got an eevee from Bill in Heart gold and just beat elite 4 . I don't want repeats in my team so I'll list them down. Typhlosion (fire type) , Slowbro (water/psychic) and dragonair (dragon). I'm also asking if you can get leafeon and Glaceon in Pokemon Heart gold and how? Also, if repeat type is strongly needed because that eeveelution is good then list it. So i'm asking for a good eeveelution.

Edit: With good defense and maybe powerful attack and speed
second edit: Maybe good advantage over the whole game

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You can't get Leafeon and Glaceon in HG or SS, you can only get them in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Black 2 and White 2. I think you should get a Jolteon, it's a type you haven't covered yet. Jolteon is a good eeveelution and provides coverage for you. Other than that you could go with Umbreon but Jolteon would be a better option. Well Umbreon is a pretty defensive Pokemon but it's rather slow, Jolteon has a powerful attack and is very fast but it's rather frail in defense. Your best bet is Jolteon since you can't get Leafeon.
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I don't think you can get Glaceon/Leafeon without trading with DPPt.
I think your best bet is Jolteon, although Umbreon is also a type you don't have.

I don't know either but Umbreon is my fave pokemon so I'm leaning his way. Jolteon is my type though. Fast and offensive!