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Lets say eevee is evolving into espeon, but you press the B button to stop it, will it still evolve into espeon the next level even when it is night time? Or will it evolve into umbreon if it is night time? What about The Moss Rock and Ice Rock? Also, if you don't level it up after pressing B, and you give it an evolution stone, will eevee still evolve?

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If the Eevee is stopped from evolving into an Espeon, and is evolved at night because of freindship, it will be an Umbreon. The same goes for all of the other eeveeloutions, exept Vaporeon, Flareon, and Jolteon, who cannot be stopped once they start to evolve. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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The stone Eeveelutions can be stopped by pressing B. You just lose the stone.
Fondant, ive tried.
jello is right. i tried with jolteon
In which gen? I remember one of the earlier gens let you stop it; I never tried in gen V...
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Here a guide to the Eeveeloution table,

Vaporeon-evolves when you use a WaterStone on it.
Jolteon-evolves when you use a ThunderStone on it.
Flareon-evolves when you use a FireStone on it.
Espeon-Level up between 8 am and 4pm (Need to have high friendship level)
Umbreon-Level up between 8pm and 4 am(Need to have high friendship level)
Leafeon-Level up near Moss covered rock
Glaceon-Level up near Icy rock

If you are trying to get Eevee to evolve into Espeon, as long as you dont press B between 8pm and 4am, you will be good.

Hope I helped.

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