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I have an eevee and it's now level 32. It's daytime and ive been giving it loads of vitamins and its never lost a fight. ive been wandering around for ages letting it win battles and its still not evolving into espeon. am I doing something wrong?

is it in bw2?

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It takes time for happiness to accumulate. Perhaps you need to wait longer. It needs to reach 250 Happiness before evolution, so you probably have to wander around more.

  • Let Eevee hold the Soothe Bell, which increases the rate of happiness
  • Remember that it needs to level up to evolve.
  • Use EV lowering berries, such as Tamato Berry, Qualot Berry, and Kelspy Berry.
  • Remember NOT to put it into the PC or daycare.
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also you can take it to the persons in the game that massage your Pokemon it made my eevee evolve quickly into espeon also the smooth bell is know to be very effective...so keep it on your eevee while battling...