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I bred a Flareon with Ditto and got the Eevee egg, and it hatched after 9000 steps as per usual. I got another one, have been walking ever since, and it's been over 11000 steps and the egg summary still says "What will hatch from this? It doesn't seem close to hatching". Is there something wrong? (This is in Generation 4)

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Did you happen to deposit your Flame Body/Magma Armor Pokemon in the PC while getting the Egg? That would double the amount of steps necessary.
it may be a bad egg did you get from some one else
Are you sure it has been 11000 steps, and were you walking with the egg without interruptions? For example, powering off or removing the game card and having to start at your last save, or depositing the egg in a PC and withdrawing it later, etc.
I know this question is probably null at this point, but did you pick up any other eggs since picking up the one that hasn't been hatching? According to Bulbapedia, "When an egg is received from the Day Care Man, the counter for the current number of steps taken in the current Egg cycle is set to 1 in Generation III or to 0 in Generation 4." If so, you could be getting really unlucky by picking up an egg right before completing the egg cycle, requiring you to go through a second cycle before the game recalculates how close the egg is to hatching.

I'd post this as an answer, but I can't be sure if this is actually what's going on.
Source: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Egg_cycle
Maybe your game is gilched or something...
Did you read the question? Asker knows how many steps it should take. Their problem is that the Egg didn’t hatch in that time.
Are you sure it was +9000 steps?

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If you don't have a Pokemon with Flame Body/Magma Armor in your team with your Eevee egg it will take longer to hatch. It takes 9,180 steps to hatch an Eevee. So with Flame Body/Magma Armor you will need 4,590 steps to hatch the Eevee egg. Try using Flame Body/Magma Armor if you aren't using one