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Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Leafeon! Also, I think maybe 5th generation could bring some new Eevee evolutions :)

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no new eevee evoulutions in gen 5. just thought I might declare it.
Flareon is now deadly it could now learn FLARE BLITZ and do an amazingly threatning damage of 270!!! with life orb. it's makes the worst ones between glaceon (glaceon isn't bad it's just that other eeveelutions are better) and espeon (espeon isn't bad either)
I hate how everyone  forgets Sylveon. Which in my case is the most powerful, A fairy type can one shot almost anything with Dazzling Gleam.
A lot of the answers came before Sylveon existed.

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Please stop leaving comments on this answer about Sylveon. Sylveon did not exist in 2010!

Special sweepers

Jolteon is for more speed and Espeon is for more special attack. Espeon also better as a lead thanks to Magic bounce giving him the ability to reflect stealth-rock and other entry hazards.

Physical sweeper

Leafeon is by far the best even though has slightly above average speed he has awesome attack and defense and far outclasses Flareon who is the weakest eevee evolution.


Umbreon all the way he has HUGE defense and even HUGER S.def and a GREAT hp stat as well along with a variety of walling moves such as toxic, curse, payback, and moonlight and wish.

Physical tank

there is no real physical tank but Flareon has huge attack and great S.def but he has such an aweful moveset that all you have to work with is fire fang, iron tail, return, and curse. EDIT: Leafeon can also tank physically because of a 130 defense stat and plenty of offensive and support options.

Special tanks

Glaceon and Vaporeon are the way to go Glaceon for better defense and Vaporeon for more hp, Glaceon is best in a hail storm for it raises evaisevness and Vaporeon is a great switch into water attacks thanks to water absorb

Speed Freak hasn´t been on for like a long long time and if it needs updating someone could just answer with Sylveon and Flareon is still the worst Eeveelotion
umbreon <3 ^_^
Thanks this helped. PS Vaporeon,Espeon, and Leafeon
Sylveon is also a special tank with amazing sp def yu can choice spec him and pixilate hypervoice everyone's ded
'cept bad def. only problem
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It's 6th gen now so I am going to review all the eeveelutions.

Vaporeon dropped from OU and now shines in UU. Most Vaporeons you will meet are clerics or walls/stallers with moves like Wish, Heal Bell, Toxic, Scald, and Protect.

Jolteon also dropped from OU and is good in UU. All Jolteons you will meet are fast special sweepers with moves like Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, and Substitute.

Flareon has had some buffs(mainly Flare Blots and fairy resist) but is still the worst eeveelution by far. Flareon can be offensive or defensive. Defensive Flareon packs Wish, Protect, Heal Bell, and Lava Plume while offensive Flareon usually has the abillity Guts and packs moves like Flare Blitz, Flame Charge, Facade, Bite, Iron Tail, Superpower, and Protect.

Espeon is still OU and OK. Espeon is always a fast special sweeper with moves like Psychic,, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Calm Mind and Yawn. Its main niche is Magic Bounce.

Umbreon is still UU and OK. Umbreon is always an annoying stalling with moves like Toxic, Moonlight, Curse, Payback, and more.

Leafeon is superior to Flareon in that it works but has a very small movepool, which is what holds it back, along with its typing. Most Leafeons are Sword's Dancers with Substitute, Sword's Dance, Leaf Blade, then filler or coverage.

Glaceon is right next to Flareon in terms or performance and is outclassed by Jolteon and Espeon. Just give him 4 attacks and Choice Specs or Life Orb.

Sylveon, the new one, has replaced Vaporeon in OU and here is why: Vaporeon's strongest strategy then was Hydration. It immediately heals Vaporeon's status conditions in rain. A lot of Vaporeons would carry Rest and be on the same team as Politoed but now that the weather has been nerfed, Vaporeon lost its greatest assets. Sylveon came to OU because fairy is excellent typing and he is easier to EV/Super Train. If you wanted a mixed wall, max out HP and Def with a Bold nature. If you want a special wall, max out HP and SDef with a Calm nature. Sylveon is just a better cleric than Vaporeon this gen. Most Sylveons are clerics with moves like Wish, Heal Bell, Toxic, Protect, Moonblast, and Hyper Voice. I mentioned Hyper Voice because it breaks through substitutes and gets boosted by Pixilate.

Now, let us rank them:

Special Sweeper: Espeon/Jolteon

Physical Sweeper: Leafeon

Cleric: Sylveon

Wall/Staller: Umbreon

Runner up(s) to Special Sweeper: Glacieon

Runner up(s) to Physical Sweeper: Flareon

Runner up(s) to Cleric: Vaporeon

Umbreon has no competion.

I hope I helped :)

I also think it is important to know all eeveelutions can baton pass. If you are considering one I think Jolteon, Vaporeon, Sylveon, and maybe Umbreonmeke the best baton passers.
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We all know that the Eeveelutions follow a stat distribution of 060-065-065-095-110-130 rule.

By Stats:

HP: Vaporeon has 130; Umbreon and Sylveon have 095; Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Leafeon, and Glaceon have 065.

Attack: Flareon has 130; Leafeon has 110; Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon have 065; and Glaceon has 060.

Defense: Leafeon has 130; Umbreon and Glaceon have 110; Sylveon has 065; Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, and Espeon have 060.

Special Attack: Espeon and Glaceon have 130; Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Sylveon have 110; Flareon has 095; and Umbreon and Leafeon have 060.

Special Defense: Umbreon and Sylveon have 130; Flareon has 110; Vaporeon, Jolteon, Espeon, and Glaceon have 095; and Leafeon has 065.

Speed: Jolteon has 130; Espeon has 110; Leafeon has 095; Vaporeon, Flareon, Umbreon, and Glaceon have 065; and Sylveon has 060.

In terms of weaknesses:

Vaporeon is weak to Electric and Grass. It resists Fire, Water, Ice and Steel. If it has Water Absorb, it is immune to Water.

Jolteon is only weak to Ground. It resists Electric, Flying, and Steel. If it has Volt Absorb, it is immune to Electric.

Flareon is weak to Water, Ground, and Rock. It resists Fire, Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel, and Fairy. If it has Flash Fire, it is immune to Fire.

Espeon is weak to Bug, Ghost, and Dark. It resists Fighting and Psychic.

Umbreon is weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy. It resists Ghost and Dark. It is immune to Psychic.

Leafeon is weak to Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, and Bug. It resists Water, Electric, Grass, and Ground.

Glaceon is weak to Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel. It resists only Ice.

Sylveon is weak to Poison and Steel. It resists Fighting, Bug, and Dark. It is immune to Dragon.

In terms of movesets:

Vaporeon can learn Normal-, Water-, and Ice-type moves through level-up (also, it can learn Acid Armor). Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Water-, Ice-, and Ghost-type (Shadow Ball) moves.

Jolteon can learn Normal-, Electric-, Fighting- (Double Kick), and Bug-type (Pin Missile) moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Electric-, and Ghost-type (Shadow Ball) moves.

Flareon can learn Normal-, Fire-, Poison- (Smog), and Dark-type (Bite) moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Fire-, and Ghost-type (Shadow Ball) moves.

Espeon can learn Normal- and Psychic-type moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Grass- (Grass Knot), Psychic-, Ghost- (Shadow Ball), and Fairy-type (Dazzling Gleam) moves.

Umbreon can learn Normal- and Dark-type moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Psychic-, Ghost- (Shadow Ball), and Dark-type moves.

Leafeon can learn Normal- and Grass-type moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Grass-, Flying- (Aerial Ace), Bug- (X-Scissor), and Ghost-type (Shadow Ball) moves.

Glaceon can learn Normal-, Ice-, Psychic- (Mirror Coat), and Dark-type (Bite) moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Ice-, and Ghost-type (Shadow Ball) moves.

Sylveon can learn Normal- and Fairy-type moves through level-up. Through TM, it can learn Normal-, Psychic- (Psyshock), Ghost- (Shadow Ball), and Fairy-type (Dazzling Gleam) moves.

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Winner = lowest #


So, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon are better than Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, and Glaceon.
good job on the calculating!
Thanks, Bwark.
I knew I was not the only one who thinks Umbreon is good.
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This response concerns competitive play only (and gravitates toward Gen 8 singles). If you specifically want an Eeveelution for your in-game team, select the one that best fits your team, as they all have sufficient stats to be workable.

However, the Eeveelutions have fallen off considerably in competitive play, and several are frankly very bad options. If you want to have fun playing your favourites in casual matches, then you might find the other answers palatable; this answer aims to give a pragmatic view on these Pokemon's viability, as much as I've generalised the battle format a bit.

I will sort each Eeveelution into a tier-list of sorts, to illustrate where each one ranks among the others.

Rank A (sometimes have a niche)

Sylveon is the most viable Eeveelution in most formats. Its pure Fairy typing, favourably-distributed base stats and great ability in Pixilate make it playable in both offensive and defensive roles. It has enough tools in its movepool to carry out either role, including Hyper Voice, Mystical Fire, Wish, Calm Mind, and Heal Bell. However, no matter which set it chooses, Sylveon faces major competition from the likes of Togekiss, Clefable, Primarina, and others.

Espeon has a significant niche in the form of Magic Bounce, which makes it a bother to many balance and stall builds. Its movepool is sufficient to make Choice Specs or Calm Mind wallbreaker sets work. It can also set up dual screens. Nonetheless, Espeon is often held back as other offensive Psychic-types with higher stats, a better movepool, or a dual typing outclass it. Xatu, Reuniclus and Hatterene are examples.

Vaporeon has a very high HP stat and a good typing, which enables a defensive role. It has access to a spammable STAB move in Scald, and some other tricks to set it apart like Wish and Heal Bell. However, Vaporeon's stats elsewhere are unremarkable, meaning it can be overwhelmed by wallbreakers. Furthermore, bulky Water-type Pokemon are in no shortage; Toxapex, Seismitoad, Slowbro, and others are preferable if cleric support is not needed.

Rank B (properly outclassed)

Jolteon is an enticing offensive Electric-type due to its excellent Speed and good Special Attack stat. Its access to Volt Switch can help it build momentum for its team. Unfortunately, Jolteon's movepool otherwise runs very thin, leaving it outclassed in most contexts by Pokemon with better coverage.

Umbreon has fantastic bulk, which makes it a blanket check to many offensive Pokemon depending on the EV spread chosen. Like Vaporeon, Umbreon often uses cleric sets with Wish and Heal Bell to support its team. However, Umbreon's pure Dark type is usually less favourable than Sylveon's or Vaporeon's respective typings, due to the prevalence of Fighting coverage. Umbreon also relies on Foul Play and Toxic for damage, which makes it quite passive. Lastly, Mandibuzz is a better Dark-type utility.

Rank C (plain bad)

Leafeon has some upside thanks to Swords Dance and Chlorophyll, which complement its decent Attack and Speed stats. However, Leafeon has very poor coverage, and pure Grass is an ordinary offensive typing. Its frailty on its Special side is no help for its case. All of this means Leafeon is outclassed by most other offensive Grass-types, including as a Chlorophyll sweeper on sun teams.

Flareon is held back by its low Speed, terrible offensive movepool and its weakness to Stealth Rock (which creates an unwanted dilemma between Heavy Duty Boots and Guts sets). Its Special Defence is good, but pure Fire is a bad defensive typing. Its Attack stat is great, but Flareon's reliance on Flare Blitz means it is worn down easily. There is an infinite supply of offensive Fire-types, and nearly all of them are better than Flareon.

Glaceon has the unlucky combination of a low Speed stat and a pure Ice typing, making its many weaknesses exploitable. This combined with a Stealth Rock problem puts a massive asterisk on Glaceon's defensive merit, despite its solid stats. Like many other Eeveelutions, Glaceon has a poor movepool (as much as Freeze-Dry is nice), which makes it even harder for it to find a niche. There are plenty of Ice-types better than Glaceon.

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Jolteon is likely the best Eeveelution in OU in RBY, RSE, and DPP. In GSC, Jolteon is usually outclassed by Raikou and Vaporeon is the best. Jolteon is less outclassed in RSE and DPP because it outspeeds Dugtrio and gets baton pass, so the answer might want to mention that. All the Eeveelutions are probably useless in the newer OUs. Espeon has been pretty bad in OU ever since Jirachi existed and Celebi got unbanned. Why would anyone ever use Sylveon when Clefable is better?
Better late than never, I guess:
- I should have specified in my answer that this response concerns Gen 8 metas. It's less interested in past gen metas because not all the current Eeveelutions were present in them, and less people are playing them.
- Espeon is a solid choice for BW OU because it is one of the very few Magic Bounce users in that meta. I agree it is outclassed in SS OU, but I also think it's much closer than Jolteon and Umbreon to being relevant.
- Sylveon has always carried a niche over Clefable for its superior special bulk and higher damage output. I would agree that Teleport Clefable keeps it out of contention, though.
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possibly jolteon even though leafeon is very good, so is vaporeon but jolteon has very good stats like in speed. and ill tell you a little about the eeveeloutions. umbreon can yhave a good moveset, but dark types can be a little hard to work with. then espeon.espeon is very good, but remember to all of you saying espeon is fast,... just look at that things speed compared to jolteon.now jolteon is the fastest, which is a good reason.jolteon in old ages takes time to get electric moves but in black/white 2? nah. now vaporeon. so stinking great to bring this eel like thing into Pokemon. although it is one of the best eeveeloution, it possibly isnt the best.flareon? ask me now, flareon doesnt suck, ok? are we clear? yes, were clear. possibly flareon can be a good eeveeloution infact you can teach it fire tms if no one even dang noticed.now glaceon. glaceon can be hard well kinda a bit because uh well glaceon is ice, and it does have 4 weaknesses.now the "big" one. leafeon. oh wow, leafeons the best! seriously? I wont hear any more of that blibber blabber. but since leafeon has so much weaknesses for a grass type? wow. leafeon probably isnt the best.then theres down to one more. eevee. lol we all know, its a normal

                                                                                                                                            type, and its first evolution. and for a dang reason it can evolve into like 7 [about to be 8] eeveeloutions. so possibly, jolteons the best.by the way, these are the top 3. leafeon, vaporeon, and of course, jolteon.
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Every Eeveelution has a base stat total of 525. They're all as strong as the others, it's a matter of how you use each one in battle. For example, Flareon's amazing attack and low speed makes it a great option for choice scarfing, as where a Life Orb would be great for a speedy special attacker like Jolteon or Espeon. The bulkier ones, like Vaporeon and Umbreon can really take advantage of leftovers and sitrus berries.

In short, there is no strongest, it's a matter of preference.

I say that's accurate. It's all a matter of opinion. And, clearly, Sylveon's my favorite.
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Okay, here's my analyzation of each Eeveelution:
Flareon's best move is Flare Blitz, making him a very weak Pokemon. So it's probably a central attacker.
Vaporeon's HP stat is incredible, but with not the best defense. Hydro Pump can deal major damage, yet only works with a Wide Lens and PP Ups.
Jolteon's speed is incredible. EV trained in Special Attack and Speed/Sp. Def. could help it a lot in competitive gameplay.
Leafeon's an attacker. No question.
Glaceon can do good with Hail, making both of its abilities take effect. Plus its already powerful ice moves with dominate. Blizzard has 100 Accuracy in Hail, too, so it's recommended Glaceon to have Hail with it.
Espeon has great Sp. Attack, so it centrally attacks with Psychic and heals with Morning Sun.
Umbreon's a staller. A major staller. A Toxic/Protect/Wish Umbreon works.
Sylveon is a Special Defender. No question here either.
So: My #1 Eeveelution is Jolteon.

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Probably doesn't need another answer but this is directed towards-in game, not competitively. I will use a points system like others have based on typing, role, offensive moves and utility moves. I define common as something you are likely to encounter in-game like Water, Grass, Ground, Flying, Bug and Rock.

Vaporeon has a nice Water typing leaving it few weaknesses though the common Grass is one of them and the types it resists are rare besides other Water types. It's STAB is also great for shredding through caves. 4/5

Jolteon only has one weakness but no useful resists and it's STAB hits common Water and Flying types. 4/5

Flareon is weak to common Water, Rock and Ground but it can hit Steel types. 2/5

Espeon is weak to the common Bug and has few resists. It's coverage is nothing good either. 2/5

Umbreon is in a similar boat as Espeon but does have an Immunity to Psychic. 3/5

Leafeon has five weaknesses, two being common but does have a few nice resists and it hits common types. 2/5

Glaceon is weak to good types and resists only itself but hits many common types. 3/5

Sylveon has good resists and rare weaknesses and an immunity. Doesn't hit any common types though. 4/5

Now for Roles and how good they are at them...

Vaporeon is a nice bulky attacker but would be better with healing. 3/5

Jolteon is a sweeper and good at it in-game. 4/5

Flareon is too slow to sweep and too frail to be bulky. 1/5

Espeon is a sweeper like Jolteon but trades a bit of speed for power. 4/5

Umbreon is bulky like Vaporeon but can have healing. 4/5

Leafeon is another sweeper with some bulk to it. 4/5

Glaceon is like Flareon but does have priority. 2/5

Sylveon is a great bulky attacker with a draining move. 5/5

And onto offensive moves, which includes both STAB and coverage.

Vaporeon has many Water options from Surf to Hydro Pump to Muddy Water and Ice moves for Grass. Doesn't have anything for other Waters. 4/5

Jolteon also has options for STAB but Thunderbolt is prefered. Pin Missile hits grass but there's nothing for Ground. 4/5

Flareon's STAB options both have downsides, one being weak and the other having recoil. It also doesn't have good coverage. 1/5

Espeon has Psychic for STAB but nothing to hit Dark besides Swift. 3/5

Umbreon's best STAB options come from TM (Dark Pulse/Snarl) or Tutor (Foul Play). No useful coverage. 2/5

Leafeon has Leaf Blade for STAB and can learn Aerial Ace from TM to hit Bugs and other Grass. 4/5

Glaceon gets it's bet STAB option from TM (Ice Beam) and has no good coverage. 2/5

Sylveon has Moonblast and Draining Kiss, one providing a great STAB and the other healing. No coverage. 4/5

Utility moves:

Vaporeon: Acid Armor (1)
Jolteon: Thunder Wave (1)
Flareon: Fire Spin (1)
Espeon: Morning Sun (1)
Umbreon: Confuse Ray, Moonlight (2)
Leafeon: Swords Dance, Synthesis (2)
Glaceon: N/A (0)
Sylveon: N/A (0)

And now to tally the points and get this over with:

Vaporeon: 12
Jolteon: 13
Flareon: 5
Espeon: 10
Umbreon: 11
Leafeon: 12
Glaceon: 7
Sylveon: 13

Results (AKA TLDR)
1st: Jolteon/Sylveon
2nd: Vaporeon/Leafeon
3rd: Umbreon
4th: Espeon
5th: Glaceon
6th: Flareon

All information used in making this is based off USUM

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I believe that Vaporeon is the best Eevee evolution because of its useful ability (Water Absorb) and annoying movesets you could make using its pretty good movepool. Vaporeon has easy access to quick recovery with its Water Absorb ability and the move Aqua Ring which is basically like Leftovers. It can also learn Wish and Detect (detect for recovering using Aqua Ring or Leftovers) as egg moves. Or, you can take advantage of that and use Flail, which is also an egg move for Vaporeon.

Here's a popular annoying and powerful moveset for Vaporeon (nature and such included):
Vaporeon + Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
Nature: Bold
- Wish (for a lot of HP recovery)
- Scald (for attacking when the opponent is weakened by Toxic or for burning the opponent)
- Protect/Detect (for recovering a bit of HP using its Leftovers)
- Toxic (for crippling others)
You can also look for other movesets, if this one doesn't appeal to you.

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Let's take some things into consideration, like types. (I'm gonna do half points for resistances)
Flareon= Fire; weak to rock, ground, and water, resistance to bug, steel, grass, fire, ice, and fairy strong against grass, ice, steel, and bug. So, 7- 3= 4 points
Vaporeon= Water; weak to grass and electric, resistance to fire, steel, ice, water, strong against fire, rock, and ground. So, 5-2=3
Jolteon= Electric, weak to ground, resitance to flying, electric, and steel, ground is immune to it, strong against water and flying. So, 3.5-2=1.5
Espeon= Psychic, weak to bug, dark, and ghost, resists psychic, fighting, strong against fighting and poison, and dark is immune to it. So, 4-4=0
Umbreon= Dark, weak to fighting, fairy, and bug, resists ghost, dark, strong against ghost and psychic, immune to psychic. So, 4-3=1
Leafeon= Grass, weak to fire, poison, flying, bug, and ice, resists ground, water, electric, and grass, strong against water, rock and ground. So, 7-5=2 points
Glaceon= Ice, weak to fire, steel, rock, and fighting, resists ice, strong against flying, grass, ground, and dragon. So, 4.5- 4= 0.5
Sylveon= Fairy, weak to poison and steel, resists fighting, dark, and bug, strong against fighting, dragon, and dark, immune to dragon. So, 5.5- 2= 3.5
65 hp
130 att
60 def
95 spa
110 spd
65 sp
130 hp
65 att
60 def
110 spa
95 spd
65 sp
65 hp
65 att
60 def
110 spa
95 spd
130 sp
65 hp
65 att
60 def
130 spa
95 spd
110 sp
95 hp
65 att
110 def
60 spa
130 spd
65 sp
65 hp
110 att
130 def
60 spa
65 spd
95 sp
65 hp
60 att
110 def
130 spa
95 spd
65 sp
95 hp
65 att
65 def
110 spa
130 spd
60 sp
Pick and choose.
Want a wall? Umbreon
Want a spd tank? Choose Sylveon
A staller? Vaporeon
A special sweeper? Espeon or Jolteon
A physical sweeper? Leafeon is your best bet <'-'>
Hope I helped!

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In my opinion, Umbreon is the best eeveelution. This is because (A I kind of grew up with this Pokemon and Pokemon black and white were my two first Pokemon games, and I evolved my eevee into Umbreon and (B, it is a Sp.Def powerhouse and has above decent HP, making it useful for last man standings and has status inducing skills, such as poison attacks, and can also learn curse, a very helpful move when in a pickle. Second best is Espeon for almost the same reasons, except for the fact it has higher Sp.Atk and lower Sp.Def. However, having Espeon early in the games has an effect on your team. Since psychic is weak against bug, early on big type moves such as bug bite and infestation can cause minor setback. The same goes for Um bre on, except its poison type moves make up for that so. Last is Glacion, mostly because in the middle of the games, grass types are rare and dragon types are almost impossible to find in the whole game, along with the fact that they are weak to rock (and heaven only knows how many Pokemon and moves are rock in sun and moon, along with black and white). So there you go, Umbreon is the best.

The only problem with vaporeon is it's low speed, and it isn't used as much as other HP walls because of it's lack of movepool to be a HP tank.  Other then that, I think that vaporeon is great, too!
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Vaporeon is the best eeveelution aka eevee evolution. The reasons why are:

Vaporeon has lots of hp so she can get hit with lots of damage so she can last a while

Vaporeon can counter both of its weaknesses: Electric and Grass with Dig, Aurora Beam, and Ice Beam.

Vaporeon can learn moves with a variety of types, most with Technical Machines or Hidden Machines (TMs or HMs)

Therefore, Vaporeon is the best eeveelution.

Vaporeon has low speed, going up against Leafeon might not be a good idea, if Leaf Blade KO you before you get the chance to attack with your Ice type moves and it was a critical hit, therefore, Vaporeon is not the best  eeveelution,  I can tell you like Vaporeon, and I am not insulting you, but Vaporeon is half wall half special sweeper, so you should pick an eeveelution with balanced stats like Leafeon and Glaceon.
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There are many eeveeloutions that are all powerful, but some more than others. I'd say Jolteon and Espeon are among them. But people need different things, so I'm including something about them all.
1. Vaporeon is a great special tank that can defend itself with it's great sp. attack. Hydro pump is a great attack. It can also shine in doubles as it's health means that it can stay in the battle for a long time, and helping hand is good as it can assist one of the huge attackers.
2. Flareon is offensive with it's physical attack stat and being the fire eeveeloution most people would expect a monster. Unfortuantly, the moveset sucks. Flare Blitz is good but is it's best attack by far.
Jolteon is badass and super powerful. The fastest eeveeloution that can make itself even faster with agility. Thunder often misses but it also has discharge which is great. It is also one of the best sp attackers with pretty good sp defence.
Leafeon is great as a phisical attacker and defender, with good speed and I think everyone with one that is high level knows leaf blade.
Glacion is a great mix of special and physical with sp attack and defence. Ice movesets however, are hard to work with.
Umbreon is a good tank with both defence stats high and good hp. However, the attack stats suck seriously. It has moonlight which restores hp and dark pulse in a good moveset.
Espeon is an amazing special attacker and is also fast. Statically, it is very similar to Jolteon. Psychic is great as is morning sun as it restores health.
Sylveon is your special stuff. Sp defence and sp attack. Draing kiss can restore it's hp and moonblast is also great.

I think that Espeon and Jolteon are the best, although Vaporeon and Leafeon would be my runners up. Espeon and Jolteon are special sweepers, whilst Leafeon as your physical sweeper probably. Vaporeon and Glacion are special tanks, and Umbreon is also one. Leafeon as an attacker, not Flareon as it kind of sucks, whilst Sylveon as your special machine.

Hope I helped!

P.S It's gen 8 now, this is from gen 8 point of view.

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Ultra Sun/ Isle Of Armor DLC

Comparison 1

Vaporeon can be a backup staller for your team, also, it can learn Flip Turn, so when it’s about to faint, you can quickly change to another Pokemon while dealing some damage.
Jolteon would be good in being a special attacker, giving your team quick wins, but in double battles, you won’t expect your opponent to use protect, without using priority moves in battle while dealing not damage to both opponents is extremely risky.
Flareon has only one chance; Physical moves and status inflicting by using Burning Jealousy, or else, you have to go with Flare Blitz and Fire Fang for STAB.
Espeon stands on the stage as a Special Attacker, and runner-up for Speed along with Leafeon, Espeon like Jolteon, Ultimate weakness is against physical priority moves, physical attacker example: Leafeon, Dragapult.
Umbreon is a staller, it’s only purpose is to play that role. Using high HP Vaporeon might be better than no Attack Umbreon.
Leafeon stats are balanced, not including its specials, it can easily knock out Pokemon Low in Defence while it can withstand a high amount of damage. It’s speed cannot match Jolteon and Espeon, so it’s most likely they would KO each other.
Glaceon is the opposite of Leafeon here, think of how to change this to the opposite.
Sylveon is not good against dual type Dragons, take an example from Eternatus, Dialga, Duralagon, easily being beaten up by Super effective moves, or else, it would be really good with a draining move and if only it had Misty Terrain.

Comparison 2-Class

  • Vaporeon is in the UU tier, due to bad defense and moderate Attack modifiers
    -Jolteon is in the OU tier, high special stats and speed
  • Flareon is in the UU tier, bad move set, how unlucky, I like Flareon a lot
  • Espeon is in the OU tier, same as Jolteon
  • Umbreon is in the UU tier, Low Attack stats won’t do much to help your team deal intense damage, dark type moves don’t deal lots of damage either
  • Leafeon is in the OU tier, the best and only possible Physical sweeper among the eeveelutions, its speed stat is much better than most eeveelution, my favourite is Leafeon.
  • Glaceon is in between the UU tier and the OU tier, being the best in Special sweeping, it can easily beat physical Dragons, but unlike its counterpart, Leafeon, its speed is very low.
  • Sylveon is in the OU tier, although it is being pulled down to UU tier when poisoned, similar to Leafeon.

    Comparison 3-Moveset


  • Aurora Beam
  • Acid Armor
  • Muddy Water
  • Flip Turn
    Try to think Vaporeon as a runner-up wall trying to compete against Umbreon while maintaining its Special Attack
    JolteonFlame Orb
    Quick Feet
  • Thunder
  • Rain Dance
  • Thunder Wave
  • Volt Switch
    Rain Dance is better than Lock-On, except that it boosts the power of water type moves. Paralysis can help; Thunder Wave
    FlareonChoice Scarf
    Flash Fire
  • Flare Blitz
  • Fire Fang
  • Burning Jealousy
  • Last Resort
    Let’s do it! When it comes down to the end, Flareon will throw out Last Resort, if any opponent raise their stats, Burning Jealousy will outdo all.
    EspeonLife Orb
    Magic Bounce
  • Expanding Force
  • Psych Up
  • Calm Mind
  • Dazzling Gleam
    Umbreon counter; Dazzling Gleam, Psych Up quickly boosts stats and Expanding Force will deal intense damage if Espeon dynamaxes using Max Mindstorm.
  • Protect
  • Toxic
  • Foul Play
  • Substitute
    Throat Chop to avoid Sylveon’s deadly Hyper Voice, Substitute to give time for it to beat its opponent.
    LeafeonWeakness Policy
    Leaf Guard
  • Leaf Blade
  • Synthesis
  • Protect
  • Knock Off (USUM only)
    Critical hit ratio increasing and Sunny Day helps Solar Blade, Dynamax Leafeon helps by giving Grassy Terrain, Aerial Ace removes most of the weaknesses while Weakness Policy totally surprises the opponent.
    GlaceonLife Orb
    Ice Body
  • Hail
  • Protect
  • Freeze-Dry
  • Shadow Ball
    Blizzard is sure to hit and Triple Axel for backup, Ice Beam can freeze the opponent.
    SylveonLum Berry
  • Psyshock
  • Light Screen
  • Hyper Voice
  • Wish
    Quick recovery moveset with little offensive support, but can still hang on.

Well, that’s all for now

Comparison 4- Overall of Speed

  • Vaporeon's speed is too low
  • Jolteon with Quick Feet and a status aliment boosts it's speed by 50% and a Choice Scarf doubles it's speed and with a tailwind setup doubles again and with 252 EVs, Jolteon's Speed is 1156 with all these modifiers.
  • Flareon's speed is too low
  • Espeon has no speed raising ability
  • Umbreon's speed is too low
  • Leafeon with Chlorophyll and sun (which you don't need to suffer from a status aliment) doubles it's speed and a Choice Scarf doubles it again and the tailwind setup doubles it again and it also would have 252 EVs, Leafeon's Speed is 1264 with all these modifiers.
  • Glaceon's speed is too low
  • Sylveon's Speed is definitely way too low

    Weaknesses and counterattacks (Part 5)

  • Vaporeon can learn Ice Beam for Grass cover, Vaporeon can also learn Mud Slap (which is kind of useless with 20 base power) for electric cover.
  • Jolteon cannot counter any of its weaknesses
  • Flareon can learn Superpower for Rock cover
  • Espeon can learn Dazzling Gleam for Dark cover
  • Umbreon can learn Psychic for Fighting cover
  • Leafeon can learn Aerial Ace for Bug cover, Leafeon can also learn Dig to counter both Fire and Poison weakness.
  • Glaceon counters all of its weakness with Double Kick and Dig.
  • Sylveon also counters all of its weakness with Stored Power and Mystical Fire.

    Last section- Rank

    1st- Espeon- High speed with SpA
    2nd- Leafeon- Only possible Eeveelution Attacker
    3rd- Sylveon- Great Staller in everything
    4th- Jolteon- High speed but slightly lower SpA than Espeon
    5th- Umbreon- Super Staller with Foul Play, Toxic and Substitute
    6th- Vaporeon- Healer with High HP
    7th- Glaceon- Freeze-Dry has two effects
    8th- Flareon- No description
    1st Umbreon
    2nd Sylveon
    Physical Sweepers
    1st Leafeon
    2nd Flareon
    Physical Tanks
    1st Leafeon
    Special Sweepers
    1st Espeon
    2nd Jolteon
    3rd Glaceon
    Special Tanks
    1st Sylveon
    2nd Umbreon
    3rd Glaceon
    Fast Sweepers
    1st Leafeon/Jolteon
    2nd Espeon

Extras (Replays)

Just for proof of a good moveset and how good they are

So far I had only got one for Leafeon (which was an amazing Knock Off sweep), you can check it out on the rate my team replay wall here

I hope I’ve helped!

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I don't have anything to complain in your comparison, but at least make your movesets viable.  3 Fire STAB on Flareon, 2 Electric on Jolteon, 2 On Espeon, 3 On Umbreon.  Trying to use physical moves on Glaceon with that 130 base special attack.  I would get if it was priority, but it isn't.  Not utilizing Hyper Voice on Sylveon means less power than Moonblast as well.  I am sorry, but if you are adding movesets, make them viable.
Sorry! I forgot to change Sylveon's Wish to Hyper Voice for high offensive support. And also for STAB
No! You don’t need any more STAB. You have wayyyyy too much. An average Pokémon has one STAB move if they are one type, 2 if they are dual typed. Sometimes Flareon runs Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, but that is because of its shallow move pool.
I don't really think there's such a thing as Speed being "too low", as you never know what your opponent is going to bring out, so you don't know how fast you need to be. Besides, there's always Trick Room.