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I'm going to put this on my website, but before I do, I wanted to see what everyone else thought about it.

Ace's Guide to making Pokémon teams for novices

If you are using this guide, it is recommended that you beat your Pokémon game's Pokemon league before making a Pokémon team, to make it easier on you to catch certain Pokémon and get certain items, and train you're Pokemon. When making a Pokémon team ALAWYS evolve you're chosen Pokémon to the highest form! Although some strategies may require not evolving a certain Pokémon until it learns a certain move, one of its stats gets to a certain point ect… example: you may want to teach Munna Psychic at level 37 before evolving it with Moon Stone. Next, in your team, you should use dual type Pokémon. And if you can, make it to where the Pokémon you choose types are opposite of each other. example: Vileplume's types are Grass and Poison, and normally Poison type attacks would be super effective on Grass types. But since Vileplume's types are Grass and (Poison) it would do normal damage. Also you're team should never have two Pokémon with the same type, unless It's for an added effect for a move, abilities that require it, ect… Now, let's get to business. The first step to making a Pokémon team is to go to the website
1. The Pokemon Database -- A complete `guide to the Pokemon games!
And look at the type chart there. Once on the site, write the types down like this:
Now, to the most crucial part of building a Pokémon team! Choose you're Pokémon! This may take from a few days, maybe even to a few weeks. No one can tell you which Pokémon would be perfect for you, but you should consider becoming a member of the Pokémon database and asking others what they think about your team, they will tell you some good things you can do. When picking you're Pokémon, look through the Pokédex on the Pokémon database. And use the points I made, and the chart. But you may be wandering why you made the chart, that's because when making a team you always want one Pokémon to be super effective on one of your opponent's Pokémon. So while picking out you're Pokémon take a look at the Type chart on Pokemon Database and find its (two) types on the chart. Look through the chart and put Its name, and which of its type that are super effective on that type on each of the types on your chart that it would be super effective on. That may be confusing, so I made an example.
Normal: Infernape (Fighting)
Fire: Krookodile (Ground) // Kingdra (Water)
Water: Galvantula (Electric) // Ferrothorn (Grass)
Electric: Krookodile (Ground)
Grass: Infernape (Fire) // Galvantula (Bug) // Xatu (Flying)
Ice: Infernape (Fire) // Ferrothorn (Steel)
Fighting: Xatu (Flying & Psychic)
Poison: Krookodile (Ground) // Xatu (Psychic)
Ground: Ferrothorn (Grass) // Kingdra (Water)
Flying: Galvantula (Electric)
Psychic: Krookodile (Dark)
Bug: Infernape (Fire) // Xatu (Flying)
Rock: Infernape (Fighting) // Krookodile (Ground) // Ferrothorn (Grass & Steel) // Kingdra (Water)
Ghost: Krookodile (Dark)
Dragon: Kingdra (Dragon)
Dark: Infernape (Fighting) // Galvantula (Bug)
Steel: Infernape (Fire) // Krookodile (Ground)

So, hopefully you understand the chart now. Next, once you have your Pokémon, Look through all the moves it can learn. Make sure the Pokémon has at least one attack that matches its type, and that it doesn't have three or more attacks of the same type. And make another chart for each Pokémon like this

Moves: Close Coombat - level 36, Flare Blitz - level 68, Stone Edge - TM 71, Protect - TM 71.
Stats: HP-76, Attack-104, Defence-71, Special Attack-104, Special Defence-71, Speed-108.
Defences: Fire ½, Water x2, Grass ½, Electric ½, Ground x2, Flying x2, Psychic x2, Bug ¼, Dark ½, Steel ½.
Attack types done to your Pokémon, how much damage they do compared you their normal damage: ½ = half the normal damage, x2 = twice the normal damage, ¼ = 25% of the normal damage, x4 = four times the normal damage.

Now that you have the Pokémon and everything that you could now about them in a piece of paper or Computer, and BEFORE you start training them and if you registered, ask others on the Pokémon database what they think about your team, what items you should give them, and any other questions you may have.
Now, begin training! Depending on your Pokémon game, you can get a certain amount of Exp. Shares. Try asking others where and how to get as many Exp. Shares as possible in your game. Once you have Exp. Shares, use a lv. 100 Pokémon, and place it in the first slot in your party, and if you have a Amulet Coin, hive it your lv. 100 Pokémon. Place five of your Pokémon-in-training in your party. And give as many of your Pokémon as possible an Exp. Share. And Challenge the Pokémon league. Once your Pokémon get about level 50, take out the level 100, and depending on you Pokémon, place one of your Pokémon that would do really good against your opponent, in the elite four. Example: Xatu would do very good against the elite Marshal in Pokémon Black/White version, because Marshal's Pokémon are fighting types, and Xatu's Psychic and Flying type moves would be super effective on all of his Pokémon. GOOD LUCK!

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I would suggest mentioning pokemon battle styles like: Sweepers, Tanks, Annoyers. Also mention STAB (same type attack bonus), getting to know what they were made a great difference to how I battled. If you by any chance do'nt know what these things are, ask me in the comment section. Otherwise, nice description. Please give a link to this website in the comments below when you have finished!

I do not know what those are.
STAB: Same Type Attack Bonus. An attack that is the same type as your own pokemon's type gets a bonus of 50%. Half of water pulse is 30. Add that to the base damage of water pulse when a water type uses that move. Now, water pulse will damage 90 base power. Sweepers, tanks, etc are explained here:
Thanks, click on my name, and then on my website to see it. Although I just made it so its kinda lonely.
You've much to learn as well Headshot!
On this site, read up on the articles in the "Advanced" section.
Mainly these you can use for your site:
 EVs - http://pokemondb.net/ev
 Natures - http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/natures
 IVs - http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/hidden
Thanks, but I already did.