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I guess a recent example I can use is Gulpin. I bred a female Gulpin with a male Gengar to teach Gulpin Dream eater, but when it hatched it also had Shadow ball, but this move is not listed under the breeding move set?

Also, I bred female Absol with male Tauros to get Zen headbutt, and when it hatched it had Rest attached but this move is also not listed as a breed move?

I've also noticed the same discrepancy on other online guides, but maybe I'm just missing something ??


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You Definately are, when you breed, the Hatched Pokemon can also inherit moves that it can learn by TM. For example, Absol can learn Rest as a TM, which is why it has inherited the move Rest. Same thing with your Gulpin. Hope this helps..

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TMs are bred too. If the father knows a TM that the baby can learn the baby will know the TM. Shadow Ball is a TM that Gulpin can learn and Rest is a TM that Absol can learn.

Thanks fellas!