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I've been suffering various technical issues ever since I installed the 1.2 update for Pokemon Y, such as the screen going black when I turn on my wireless switch, and my game crashing randomly for no apparent reason. The funny thing is, I never had these problems before at all.
It's been a few days and the problem still persists, and at this point I realized that I can go to data management and delete the update myself manually. However, even though my game maybe fixed, I really don't want my save to be gone or something. I've played through a lot of the game at this point, and I really don't wanna start over.

TLDR - I want to uninstall the new 1.2 update, because I think it's causing all my problems, however I'm worried that it may corrupt my game. So tell me, does deleting the patch do anything bad?

The only problem I had without it was refusal to use Wi-Fi.
That was before I downloaded the patch.

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I'd recommend asking Nintendo about this, since this seems like a pretty major problem.

If it has happened since the installing of your patch, then yeah, it is probably because of that. So just ask Nintendo what the side effects will be of uninstalling your patch. To save your game from anymore major problems, however, it may be necessary to restart your game, and you will have to be ready for that. Sorry.

Their various forms of contact are stated here.
(Sorry if you aren't in Australia or New Zealand, I'm in Australia and I got immediately directed here so just alter the link to make it suit you :P)

Hope I helped. :)

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Thanks for the help. I'll contact Nintendo for any issues (why didn't I think of that before? lol) However if all else fails, I'll just have to face restarting like a man. Once again, thank you for trying :)