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I guess this has technically been asked before, but this is more for my situation. Just tell me if anything is against the rules.

I need help beating Burgh! My team right now is:

Dewott Lv.21
Fury Cutter
Razor Shell
Focus Energy

Riolu Lv.21
Work Up
Quick Attack
Force Palm

Eevee Lv.20
Sand Attack
Work Up
Quick Attack

Note: This is not a RMT question, I need a reliable way to beat Burgh with these Pokemon, and preferably without having to go catch a Growlithe/Magby.

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Just get a fire type, like pansear
Or elvolve ur eevee into flareon
That's why it's a eevee...

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Caught a Zubat at level 14,15 or 16 at Castelia Sewers learn Wing Attack at level 17 and evolve to Golbat at level 22!

Evolve Eevee to Flareon if you want and it can learn Fire Fang at level 21!

If you want a Flareon you can get a Fire Stone at Caselia Sewers (Dustcloud).

Hope this helps.

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I know a solution! Breed more then 1 eevee :O
Not breed, catch. Yeah though, I'll do that. But with a different Eevee.
Thanks! Er, again.
Done, edited.
Hope you liked the new idea.
Evolve your Eevee in Espeon.
Good luck with the gym!
:) (filler)