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So my new thing is wondertrading to get some new pokes and I got a shiny rayquaza. Hes not event he from germany
But anyway hes lonely nature at level 100 but hes got 6ivs in hp atk def spatk spdef and spd! I really want to know if I can use him and what moveset to use! Cant believe I got him for a wailmer!

You could do better with a Jolly or Adamant or Timid or Modest one, but this can do.
I did want jolly but is there anything i can do with him? Just cant believe my luck. Aha.
Lonely is still fine, it just subtracts from your Defense. Do you want to have a mega set or a regular one? I'm planning to answer this soon.
Sorry. Went to wondertrade again. And im not planning on using mega form since i dont like it. Do you think it will be good in competing or not?

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Jolly or Adamant is preferred, but since you have Lonely, you can run a mixed set:

Rayquaza @Life Orb
Trait: Air Lock --> Delta Stream
Lonely Nature
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 SpA
-Dragon Ascent
-Dragon Claw

Hope I helped!

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This is perfect. Thank you! Cant wait to use him!