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Okay, please don't be mad at me for hacking, but I need help on seeing if this is legit or not. (I used legit mode). This Infernape cannot get through Pokebank!

Infernape (not shiny), level 100. Jolly Nature, holding a focus sash.

Moves: Fire Punch, Close Combat, Thunderpunch, Swords Dance (PPup 3 on all moves)

IVs of 31 in Atk and Spd, 0 in everything else. 252 EVs in atk and spd, 4 in HP

OT Name: Cheetah (my platinum name)
my OT ID from Platinum.

From Sinnoh, regular pokeball. Unexposed to pokerus. Met at level 5.

Sry for the wall of text but can someone help me? Thanks!

first of all, items cant go through Pokebank so dump the sash (thats not why you cant transfer btw, dont worry). did you double check the OT ID and spelling on your OT? that is usually why these fail.
i don't see anything wrong with it. what is its nickname / name in your language?
What's the Ability?

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Thunderpunch is an egg move, meaning it is impossible for Infernape to know it if you met it at level 5. Change it so that it hatched.

Source: Experience

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When you first get pokebank, it specifically says "if a Pokemon created through second party software (such as the one you're using) are attempted to be brought through poke bank, you will forfeit your ability to use poke bank."

So even if it is legit, it will not work. I think some third party Pokemon making things do allow you to take Pokemon through poke bank, but not the one your'e using.

Source: experience, and people talking of other things like this.

I have seen other people do this though...
Well some pokemon making things simply dont allow pokemon to be brought through pokebank. Unless the other people have been using the same software as you, then there must be something non-legit about this. I just can't think what...
I've actually seen people do it using this software. It's strange, really :/
I suggest:
1) try without focus sash
2) check if all the moves can be pp upped by 3
3) double check nickname and ot