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So, taking Silverdragon's suggestion, I have decided to try to get a Sharpedo.
The problem is, is that when I fished before, I my encounter/miss ratio is was 2/40, or something like that, because I nearly always lose the Pokemon when it gets hooked.
Am I doing anything wrong? If do, what? Is there a special technique?


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Get a Pokemon with Suction Cups or Sticky Hold

A Pokemon with Suction Cups or Sticky Hold will increase your chance of hooking up a Pokemon.
Grimer, Muk, Gulpin and Swalot have the ability Sticky Hold
Octillery has Suction Cups as well as Lileep and Cradily

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Oh, so even if I click 'a', it's still based on random chance whether it actually hooks or not?
This settles it. Gen 3 is officially the hardest gen in my book.
Nope. I'll find out what exactly the chance
no, no it's fine. you've done enough.
(I was being sarcastic)
Hmmm from various sites and forums I think its something like 75% but I odn't think its been confirmed o.o
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Suction cups like silverdragon said and sticky hold is an easier way to fish you can also fish next to a wall which is increase chance of hooking or at least by how I have noticed also I would use the super rod on route 119 to catch carvanha instead of sharpedo easier catch rate and very common with the rod I caught mine at level 39