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I'm breeding a Clamperl right now, and I need a DeepSeaScale for when the right one hatches. I'm in the Azure Bay fishing, but no luck getting any of the Pokemon that have a chance of having the DeepSeaScale.
What rod is best for this? Is a specific location where these Pokemon appear? Am I doing this wrong? Let me know so I can get back to breeding.

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Try to fish a relicanth,chinchou or lanturn and your first Pokemon should have the abiliy counmpounud eyes so it has 50% of finding a Pokemon holding an item. So relicanth,chinchou and lanturn are the only Pokemon that you can fish that have a chance to hold a deepseascale(5% uselly but with counpound eyes its 50%).

Lanturn(super rod) and chinchou( good rod)can be found in azur bay

Relicanth can be found in Ambrette town and cyllage city.(super rod)
Hope I helped :D

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