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I really want a shiny Starmie, but I can't seem to find a good place to chain fish for it! There aren't any places with 3 walls, and even though I do use Octillery, there are times when nothing bites! To ensure that I get a bite every time, can someone tell me a good place to fish on Route 8 of Kalos?

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You are correct that there aren't any segments of Water on Route 8 that are enclosed by 3 "walls", but there are angle-corners where you can chain fish (I did it all the time when I was playing Pokémon X).

Other places you can chain fish on Route 8 are on 2 square shallow islands (one of them is where you find TM19: Roost), on a shallow island in the shape of this symbol ˹, and on another shallow island in the shape of this symbol ˺. I'd suggest chain fishing for your Shiny Starmie/Staryu on one of those 2 square shallow islands (or in one of the many angle-corners that line Route 8).

Here is a link of Route 8 in Pokémon X.

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