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Say Rock hasn't been paired up with grass (it has but just an example).

Don't include fairy typing as that's new enough to not have many dual types.

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Really, I answered it and you change it.
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None-existent types so far:

Normal/any type except Fire, Water, Electric, Flying, Psychic, Fairy, Ground, Fighting, and Grass.

Fire/Water, Fire/Grass, Fire/Ice, Fire/Poison.

There are quite a few more. Just check here.

Silly Kijanub forgot our Dual type page. ;P

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Isn't Volcanion Fire/Water?
Volcanion isn't official yet.
I'm actually surprised they haven't made a fire/poison type. I always thought that could have a great design.
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As far as I know at least every typeof Pokemon has a dual type.
The ones I've seen are:
Dragon/Every type except Poison
Fire/Steel or Ground
I'm not really sure if this anwsers your though but I hope this helps.

Dragon now has a Dragon/Poison from X and Y, Dragalge. Also I'm not sure I understand the list of type combos, would those be the ones you recall seeing? It seems you understand my question though, which is reassuring :P
Ohh ok