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Currently Fighting & Ghost provide perfect neutral coverage. Fairy resists Fighting tough and i'm wondering if any type combo they may release (including Fairy) will also resist Ghost.

It's not answerable at the moment, at least not accurately, considering that we don't fully know the battle properties of Fairy yet.
we know that fairy is resisted by Fire, Poison & Steel, and is strong against Dragon, Dark & Fighting. isn't that enough?
Until the games are released, we don't fully know what Fairy does as a type. That's what we currently know, but it might change.
Also, in Gen VI, the only types that are immune to/ resist Ghost are Dark and Normal, both which are weak to Fighting themselves.
Ahh i tyhought thise typings were final ;-; now i look stupid xD thanks anyway.
They might be final but they might not be. *shrug* Just saying not to jump the gun & wait for the release before asking typing questions. :O
I just really hope they don't mess up my perfect coverage x3 shud i just hide this yea?

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If the type chart that we currently have does not change, then no, Fairy + another type can never resist both Fighting and Ghost. This is because only Dark and Normal resist Ghost in Gen VI, and both are weak to Fighting, which cancels out Fairy's Fighting resistance.

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Unless Game Freak creates another type, there is no way a Dual Fairy type can resist Fighting and Ghost.

I made this little image here, comparing this stuff. :3
First column is Fairy- against Fighting and second column is " against Ghost. :D
Hope I helped. :)