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An example is: Normal/Grass, Normal/Fighting, Normal/Water, Normal/all other types that I hadn't listed with Normal. The same goes for all other types. This obviously excludes the type and itself.


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Water, Psychic and Flying have each been paired with all the other types. They are the only types to have done so.

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You forgot psychic.
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As of gen 8, psychic has been paired with every type.
List of Pokemon just to confirm
Normal: Girafarig
Fire: Victini
Water: Slowpoke
Electric: Raichu
Grass: Exeggutor
Ice: Mr. Mime
Fighting: Mewtwo
Poison: Slowbro
Ground: Claydol
Flying: Articuno
Psychic: Abra
Bug: Dottler
Rock: Lunatone
Ghost: Hoopa
Dragon: Latias
Dark: Inkay
Steel: Beldum
Fairy: Rapidash

Mewtwo isn't Fighting/Psychic type. A Fighting/Psychic type that I know is Gallade.
Mega Mewtwo X is, I believe
Oh. That makes sense. Shouldn't it say Mega Mewtwo-X though?